VF GTS R – OPTiX complete package

GTS R – OPTiX Dimensional

3 coats is the minimum standard for the OPD coating. It is a 2 to 3 day system

Stand out from the crowd.

The coating system of OPTiX Dimensional is all about shine, gloss and depth and means you can show off your car knowing there aint going to be many cars out there that got what you got.

VF GTS R – OPTiX Dimensional Coating (OPD)

The 1.5yr old GTS R was in need of car detailer to give her a birthday. Paint correction was required to restore the paint into a showroom condition.

We needed the car for a couple of weeks. During this time we thoroughly cleaned the vehicle from top to bottom. From a thorough vacuum to a snow foam wash, clay and decon. The wheels came off for a proper clean and each caliper cleaned with plenty of attention. The wheels were coated in the our strongest coating OPTiX OP1 SiO2 as well as the calipers too.

After taping up the exterior trim we started the paint correction. Using the rotary polisher makes light work of the moderate scratches in the medium/hard paint. We started with a rotary, a medium cut pad like CHEMICAL GUYS HEX LOGIC & Rupes Coarse polishing compound. It still took 12 hours to cut on the first stage. The paint seamed harder than normal, the scratches were more than moderate so multiple passes working more than a couple hours just on the bonnet on this first cutting stage. Imagine putting a scratch in concrete with a screw driver then trying to buff the compound with a foam pad, you’d be there for hours and make no advancement. Although the concrete analogy is an exaggerated analogy, you get the point right. Polishing experts learnt the skill of pushing hard on the rotary buff applying much higher pressure. The high pressure increases heat considerably as well as the risk of damage is now huge as if rotary wasn’t already high risk.  The second stage using a Big Foot LHR21 required a fair bit because of the extra pressure applied during the rotary cutting stage.

The 2nd stage required a fine cut with extra pressure and twice the tine to remove those hardcore buff marks from the rotary.

The last stage was the LHR21 on a soft finishing pad and finishing compounds to get that immaculate paint finish. There were also another stage where we went around and cut into edges and tight fit areas with the Rupes Ibrid. The Ibrid is a $1200 cordless polisher that fits 1 inch to 3 inch pads. The Ibrid is a much slower machine, and even small areas of paint correction can take a very long time to get right if you are dealing with hard paint and moderate scratches.

The interior suffered from the usual things you would expect from car that is tracked and used as a daily. So the interior needed a full one, including shampooing, fabric protection, leather protection, leather conditioning and the other plastic trim to be treated to keep it looking like a new car.
Installing the SUNTEK PPF to the gloss black B Pillars was like the cherry on top because it gives those gloss panels that deep gloss that will almost never scratch up again.

The job took over 40 hours over 2 weeks and the price breakdown as follows

  • Paint correction 22 hours $1650
  • Wheels / caliper coating OP1 $350
  • OPTiX Dimensional Paint Protection $1200
  • Interior Detail $165
  • Leather Protection $200
  • Leather & trim Conditioning $100
  • Fabric Protection $200
  • Engine Detail $75
  • Window Coating for the exterior glass $100
  • B Pillar PPF $75

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