OPTiX Detailing Aventador SV

A quick video of the Aventador SV being cleaned with a couple OPTiX products Removed a light stain in the micro-suede, marks from the leather. OPTiX has proven results on exotic and luxury vehicles,...


Des from AutoFX WA (Perth WA) was flown over to Sydney as part of the SWISSVAX Australia sponsorship and to detail cars entered into the event. This event is a once in lifetime opportunity for any car detailer. H...

A Gift to Kay’s Family From AutoFX WA $50K Worth

The heart behind the business With many of us dealing with bullies from school, to work and even from our own personal social networks in the complicated society we live in gets us down. I remind myself every day as practiced from when I was...

UPPF Headlight Protective Film

Tom's Colorado although fairly new came in for self healing protective film for his headlights because he wanted to protect them from aging too fast. He decided for the ...

PPF Bonnet Vent Cutting – HSV

Installing PPF on bonnets are straight forward most of the time except where there are vents and other shapes. Getting the material down high tension areas are always a challenge with PPF due to the natura...

Protection treatments for daily vehicle

Can you let me know what treatments are available and the pricing? So you have bought a normal daily vehicle that isn't a sports car that is new or near new and you want to look after your things by keep...

Remove door handles 200 series

The video helps others get a quick verbal overview of about removing door handles on a 200 series cruiser for the purposes of wrapping in uppf or suntek paint protection film. We had already removed and re...

What protection should I buy?

Hi AutoFX WA, I have just bought/ordered a new car and wanted to know what paint protection should I buy? We get these sorts of questions all the time. What is the ultimate package? what combinati...

UPPF Self-Healing with water

Paint Protection Film UPPF UPRO self-healing with water Watch how scratches disappear with hot water. The heat from the hot water  activates the self-healing from the top coat of the PPF. The Audi TT was completely covered in UPRO a thic...

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