67 Camaro Rear Guards rolled

67 Camaro  rear guards rolled Garry called us when he found our website to book in his 67 Camaro to has the rear guards rolled. He had just put on some nice new wheels wrapped in some fat boots. Garry reversed out his driveway and...

335i rear guards – watch our process

BMW 335i Rear Guard rolling watch our process We have rolled heaps of BMWs in Perth. We have so much experience with rolling guards and we have heaps of experience in BMW guards. Have you got seam sealer that needs removing in yo...


A long video walk around of the R33 GTR after installing paint protection film   The R 33 GTR had clear self healing film installed from top to bottom. The GTR had an entire restoration done prior to coming into us for the p...

GOLF R – New car protection

Jarryd's brand new Golf R  New car protection with Suntek, STEK & OPTiX Below is the list of protection services we had performed for Jarryd's Golf R Stone chip resistant front bumper film $750 S...

Stinger GT – Correction & OPTiX Ceramic Coating OP888

Paint Correction & OPTiX Ceramic Coating OP888 Brand new KIA Stinger came in straight from the dealership by the owner. We found a paint correction via machine polishing to get rid of the scratches and swirls found in the paint work ...

GOLF R – Caliper colour change & Guard Roll

Caliper Painting Service with New Logos The Golf R was given a new more sportier look by changing the colour of the brake calipers from black to red, cause red goes faster haha. We also rolled the front guards to accommodate the ...

Leather Care with Chemical Guys & SWISSVAX

Leather Care with Chemical Guys & SWISSVAX Chemical Guys Leather Cleaner & Conditioner Leather Cleaner lifts and emulsifies dirt, oils, and grease from deep within the pores of natural and synthetic leather upholstery a...

OPTiX Final Boost?

Final Boost is a SiO2 hydrophobic spray The active ingredients clings to any solid surface that it comes in contact with at a molecular level and will repel water and or most things that contain some form of water. It changes they we car...

Guard Rolling and Pumping

Guard Rolling and flaring in Perth. Flaring or pumping are the same thing. Guard rolling is rolling the inner lip of the fender so the sharp lip that the tyre is rubbing on. In some cases the tyre is being sliced ...

How to wash your car – 2 Bucket Method

How to wash your car part 1, The 2 Bucket Method   Do this to  Stop or reduce installing swirls and scratches from washing  Reduce costs of further paint correction & detailing costs and or t...

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