Guard Rolling and Pumping

Guard Rolling and flaring in Perth.

Flaring or pumping are the same thing.

Guard rolling is rolling the inner lip of the fender so the sharp lip that the tyre is rubbing on. In some cases the tyre is being sliced as it moves up and down in the fender. In severe cases the lip damages the tyre and the tyre catches onto the fender and damages the fender.

If coil-overs are already fitted then the roller tool wont be able to be positioned correctly to do the job. Therefore we may need to remove the bolt that holds the shock onto the hub assembly. We will only remove the rears, we will not drop the front shock.

Once the guard is rolled we can then proceed to pumping or flaring if everything seems ok with panel and paint during the roll.

NOTE not all makes and models can be rolled or flared out to a nice finish, some will distort the tiniest amount and some in a severe way that is highly unsightly.

Warning flaring out can cause the panel to dimple in almost like it was sucked in. This is mainly due to the fuel cap area not flexing evenly. End of the day if it’s got to be done, then, “it’s got to be done”

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