VF GTS R – OPTiX complete package

GTS R - OPTiX Dimensional 3 coats is the minimum standard for the OPD coating. It is a 2 to 3 day system Stand out from the crowd. The coating system of OPTiX Dimensional is all about shine, gloss and depth and means you can show...

VF R8 CLUBSPORT – OPTiX Dimensional Coating

The Clubby was 1.5 yrs old before it came in to us. A good car detail in need it was. The kids run about performance family car was in need of detailing, paint correction and most importantly some long term protection. We needed the car for 4 days...

A growing team

What's new about AutoFX WA. Like every footy team, a detailing team needs junior players and senior players. ...

Honda CRV – OPTiX OP888 SiO2

Honda CRV new car protection   OPTiX OP888 SiO2 coati...

Glass Coating vs Ceramic Coating vs Quartz

Many of us from professional installers, hobbyists and general consumers get confused when it comes to the array of SiO2 coatings avaible today. ...

W427 Farm Hack gets a basic OPTIX maintenance detail

W427 Farm Hack gets a basic OPTIX maintenance detail The W427 farm hack is used for odd long distance drive and around the rural and farming areas and why not with a car like this. ...

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