Wheel Coating

Just finished coating the brand new wheels on Nich's Mustang. Matte/satin wheels need coating even more beause brake dust and riad grime will stick so much more to matte surfaces. The build up will slowly become extremely hard to clean and most li...

CLS – maintenance

Cars at AutoFX WA come up so good from a wash is because of the products and techniques they use. Shop at or come into our Canning Vale store, managed by AutoFX WA....

Ford ute rear guard rolling??? FAQ

Everything you need to know about guard rolling on Ford utes from AUs to FGs. Here is a typical FAQ from Ford owners wanting to find someone to roll the rear guards on ute from a AU, BA, BF and FG model. Q. Hey mate do you so gua...

Remove Orange From Ceramic Paint

Orange Peel Removal on a VW Tiguan R Line The brand new VW Tiguan R Line had the rear door resprayed due to the accidental chip in the first week of buying the Tiguan R Line. The repairs were great, but t...

Focus RS – SunTek Paint Protection Film

SunTek Paint Protection Film Des & Janice applying SunTek brand of paint protection film onto this brand new Ford Focus RS for Scott. Advantages of PPF Provides invisible...

Winter Moisture tips

Reduce Moisture In Your Vehicle Winter = moisture and excessive moiture is not good for cars especially older ones. Car collections are often stored in areas where the moisture of the cold wet months can do harm. The moisture inside cars...

A little about OPTIX New Car Paint Protection – 2017 Mercedes-Benz E350 $120k car

A little about OPTIX New Car Paint Protection - 2017 Mercedes-Benz E350. If you have purchased a new car and worried about which paint protection to buy? Then let me introduce you to OPTIX NANO TECHNOLOGIES. $20k cars and $100k cars shar...

Toyota Supra Detail

This Toyota Supra detail was a quickie taking roughly 4 very efficient hours to complete.  ...

How To Fix Swirls on Gloss Black Plastic from your Land Rover

How To Fix Swirls on Gloss Black Plastic from your Land Rover Nicky's brand new Land Rover Disco...

Porsche Macan New Car Protection OPTIX Swissvax

New Car Protection using Des's Custom Hybrid Glass Coating. Hybrid for your new car protection? it's just a name I came up with because we use the 2 different glass coating technologies, one a ceramic/quartz SiO2 (OP888) that is a very hard...

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