How much for a Paint correction – cut & polish

Paint correction - Cut & Polish Every detailer's pet hate is the saying "hey mate how much is a.....?" If you are here reading this then you are probably new to all this and about to realise the more you resea...

DA Polishers – Detail LOGIX

Detail logix DA Polisher   The Detail Logix polisher was put through a fair bit of R&D like everything well sell, use or promote. We aren't all about brand name pushing. We have a passion for what we do and because we ar...

Full Detail Case Scenario GTi Coupe

Full Detail case scenario on a 2nd hand GTi coupe The owner purchased the Golf with only 20,000km and only a couple years old. ...

Suspension & guard rolling

Suspension setups are as important as the quality of suspension parts. The suspension setup also is important for the clearance you may or may not need and therefore has a direct link to guard rolling and how much a guard has been rolled and vice ve...

Flaring out front guards STi

So you have a bit of poke due to the aggressive offset and wanted tour guards rolled. Rolling the guards does not mean to pump or flare the guard outwards. Rolling is to roll up the lip of the guard upwards. In some cases we can pump or flare o...

C63 Rear Guard Roll

AMG C63 Guard Roll The AMG C63 needed the rear guards rolled to eliminate the rubbing from the tyres. These after market wheels accompanied with a lower suspension resulted in the tyres rubbing on the lip of the rear guards. This causes dama...

Minor leather repairs – AMG C63

Video link of the repair below

Cloudy Headlights – WRX Hawkeye

Cloudy and oxidised headlights in Western Australia are considered a road hazard and therefore a defect to the vehicle. In many cases the vehicle licencing department will fail your vehicle for cloudy headlights especially for the purposes of ride...

Guard rolling – modding the front liners

Front Guards rolled on the Hawkeye. Lipping on the fronts may cause the plastic wheel arch liner to not sit in the lip of the guard anymore. There are 3 options, the first one is to be conservative on the roll leaving the liner intact. Option 2 is ...

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