Should I roll my guards before lowering or fitting my new wheels?

What should I do first? Roll the guards prior to fitting new wheels? Roll the guards prior to lowering the car? A very good question that I get asked a lot. There's no right or wrong answer for most car owners asking this. It comes d...

Washing your car !!!

When washing your car it is best to use the 2 bucket method. But the most important thing is to use your own common sense of good housekeeping. I highly recommend designating top half wash mitts from your downgraded or bottom half mitts. Th...

Maintenance Detail – Lamborghini Aventador

Lamborghini Aventador receives a Maintenance Detail A Regular Maintenance Detail is necessary because it keeps your car in a much better condition than a simple wash. We can also advise you on what to buy and how to wash your car. Once you le...

Paint Correction New Car BMW

2014 BMW 740i for a quick 3 stage Machine Polish using Swissvax Strong CF, Medium CF and Finish CF professional. To level the paint from dealer scratches I used a coarse abrasive on a rotary spinning at 1200 rpm with variable pressures. I have ...

Interior Detailing – why Swissvax?

For the first time I managed to take a good picture of an interior on a CLK320. I was proud of this more so on an older model Merc. Yes 2004 is an old car. Just because it didnt come from the 60's doesnt mean it is not old. The interior really...

Leather cleaning – light colours

Cleaning leather itself is an easy thing to do. But the care in how I approach the job combined with my experience is where I come into it and justifies paying someone like me to clean the leather which is really an easy job. Over cleaning can dam...

AMG C63 the works

AMG C63 After 12hours I have given this C63 a 4 stage paint correction, a Modesta BC05 coating, a thorough clean of the Porcelain nappa leather, Shampoo of carpets & mats, applied Swissvax leather milk, applied Swissvax protecton to the interi...


Mercedes Benz CLA45 gets protected with Modesta BC05 paint protection coating. Thanks Leah & Steve for your loyal and long term business. ...

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