2015 Mercedes-Benz S600 sneak peak 1st detail

Mercedes-Benz S600 has it's first detail today Just a really short quick glance of the 2015 V12 S600. ...

Full Detail – WRX STI 204

The 2014 STI was given a full detail plus wheel coating   Already an immaculate car, the STI required less time spent on the interior and therefore the extra time was allocated to the exterior for today's car detailing service. C...

Paint Correction – Audi S3 – Chemical Guys

Audi S3 needed paint correction using Chemical Guys Using Chemical Guys V range from start to finish on the 2014 S3. V34-V36-V38 on rotary Finished on a Rotex125 DA/RO V36 required a good understanding of pressure techniques Black G...

KORE Paste Wax

With nano ceramic. This is the first Tub of KORE paste wax in Australia made by Chemicals Guys LA. This Ferrari Speciale is the recipient of the very first coat of KORE 😍 Just a pleasure, an honor and a ap...

Paint Correction – S15 Silvia

S15 paint correction using Chemical Guys V32, V36 and V38 polishes and DA/RO. The photos are from finished results Other photos of the before are coming, please check this space again soon. ...


An introduction to our course, HOW TO SAFELY PERFOM A MAINTENANCE DETAIL The purpose of the maintenance detail is to maintain and top up the main parts of the vehicle with the emphasis on the exterior body and leather. Closer attention of the w...

Chem Guys Products?

Hi guys Some may have noticed the product changes going on here at AutoFX WA and wonder what are they doing? Well just simply put we decided everyone should have access to awesome products that compete with the best but delivered at a sensible ...

Water beading & sheeting – Glass Coatings Paint Protection

Water beading & sheeting - Glass Coating & Paint Protection Rather than trying to explain the differences between water beading and water sheeting on a surface we decided to show you the 2 videos and let you see it for yourself. ...

Swirls & Buff Marks – Paint Correction – Porsche 911

Swirls, buff marks and paint correction   The black paint on this Porsche 911 is badly cared for as seen on the video. AutoFX WA the best car detailers of Perth was given the chance to perform a miracle paint correction challenge an...

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