Premium Detail – Renault Clio RS

The owner came for premium detail to ready his well kept vehicle for sale. Included a 2 stage polish using CG V36 finished with Blacklight Radiant finish and waxed with CG Wet Mirror finish. A winning combination by choice here at AutoFX WA. ...

Paint Protection – 2015 Ferrari 458 Speciale

It is without a doubt that we should be so lucky to be requested to apply our Ceramic-Glass coating with super hydrophobic (water-repelling) properties for this super car. The Ferrari 458 SP is one of 6 in Perth WA and this was one of 2 Speciales ...

Paint Protection – 2015 Mercedes-Benz CLA

Our customer required paint protection for her new Mercedes-Benz CLA. J was looking for a more affordable option campared to what the dealer was offering. J also needed a business that was experinced in glass technology coatings, J also knew it wa...

Guard Rolling Perth – 1967 Camaro

The 67 Camaro was restored by one of the best workmanship restorations that I have seen. This made my job rolling the guards so much easier. Guard Rolling Perth Western Australia. Located on Blaikie St, Myaree 6154 Trained by Stuart Randall found...

Ferrari Speciale – Car detailing – Polishing

Ferrari Speciale, only 8 available for Western Australia. We had the privilege of detailing her for the Top Gear Live show at Perth Arena 2015 The 458 was one of the 2 lead cars for the show. Using Chemical Guys Maxi Suds to wash the car with on ...

Choosing car wash products?

Choosing car wash products ...

Guard Rolling – AMG E55

GUARD Rolling AMG E55 requiring the front guards to be rolled by Des Wong   This AMG had caught, pulled the guard down nearly 90 degrees, split the paint slightly and distorted the panel. My job was to first repair the lip of the...

Paint Protection – Ferrari 458 – Video

Modesta BC05 Paint Protection package being performed by Des Wong of AUTOFX WA the car detailing specialist of Perth Western Australia. Paint Protection helps to protect your car's paint from minor ...

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