VZ Rear Guard Rolling in 2 stages

VZ Rear Guard Rolling in 2 stages


In this video we show you the difference between a stage 1 guard roll on the rears of this VZ ute and a 2 stage roll.

The Holden Commodore including the wagons, statesman, coupes and utes between VT to VZ will ALL have this option for a 2 stage rear guard roll.

It is highly recommended that the 2 stage roll is done with large 19’s or 20’s. An offset of roughly 42ish on a 9+ inch wide wheel and more than 255 will probably need the 2 stage roll for precautions. V8’s should make the 2 stage roll as the priority over the 1 stage roll.

The amount of times I have seen cars come to me after being rolled by my competition because the rears are still rubbing and more importantly have had the side of the guards ripped out due to the tyre catching the side and pulling it out asking if I can fix the issue is very often.

There are so many variables when assessing whether or not a single stage roll or a 2 stage roll is needed. Firstly please be aware that V8’s with 19+ inch wheels should have the 2 stage roll. If 20s are fitted then it is imperative to have a 2 stage. Secondly if the your wheels are 8.5 or less in width then you probably will not need a 2 stage roll even on 20s. 


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