VF R8 CLUBSPORT – OPTiX Dimensional Coating

The Clubby was 1.5 yrs old before it came in to us. A good car detail in need it was. The kids run about performance family car was in need of detailing, paint correction and most importantly some long term protection.

We needed the car for 4 days. During this time we thoroughly cleaned the vehicle from top to bottom. From a thorough vacuum to a snow foam wash, clay and decon. The wheels came off for a proper clean and each caliper cleaned with plenty of attention. The wheels were coated in the our strongest coating OPTiX OP1 SiO2 as well as the calipers too.

After taping up the exterior trim we started the paint correction. Using the rotary polisher makes light work of the moderate scratches in the medium/hard paint. The second stage was simply to fine the finish using a Big Foot LHR21 & SWISSVAX polishes to perfection. This is the most efficient way to get the job done as well as getting it done right.

The interior suffered from the usual things you would expect from a family car that spends more time as a taxi than being a show pony. So the interior needed a full one, including shampooing, fabric protection, leather protection, leather conditioning and the other plastic trim to be treated to keep it looking like a new car.

The job took 30 hours over the 4 days and the price breakdown as follows:

  • Paint correction 9 hours $675
  • Wheels / caliper coating OP1 $350
  • OPTiX Dimensional Paint Protection $1200
  • Interior Detail $165
  • Leather Protection $200
  • Leather & trim Conditioning $100
  • Fabric Protection $200
  • Engine Detail $75
  • Window Coating for the exterior glass $100

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