A long video walk around of the R33 GTR after installing paint protection film


The R 33 GTR had clear self healing film installed from top to bottom. The GTR had an entire restoration done prior to coming into us for the protection film installation.

The process started with a meet and great with a good conversation about the car and what it means to the owner Ren. Ren was already quite educated on the painful installation process and therefore understanding about having the need in working with his PPF installer. We took about 3 weeks to get it to near completion with exception of a couple of extras I we wanted to do after we handed the keys over. He was kind enough to let us add more PPF over the banner to protect the top of the windscreen that did not have any stone chip protection. This was important because Ren wanted to take his GTR out on the track. The whole purpose of completely wrapping his GTR in 220um self healing film was to protect his investment long term whilst having the ability to drive the crap out of it at Barb’s or Collie. Or drive it to major car events knowing his car is now extremely hard to scratch or be chipped where PPF was installed.

No such ting as perfect PPF

Long story short there is no such thing as perfect PPF, even paint for that matter really.

Straight up this is how it is by Des, “PPF is not about being perfect today! it is about being almost perfect tomorrow :)” 

For the negative person that say  “I wont put PPF on my new car because I want it to be perfect”.  I say lol, so lets see how perfect it is with chips and swirls after 6 months or 1 years time :p

People that  have PPF know how much better their life is because of the peace of mind they with PPF.



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