Porsche Macan New Car Protection OPTIX Swissvax

New Car Protection using Des’s Custom Hybrid Glass Coating.

Hybrid for your new car protection? it’s just a name I came up with because we use the 2 different glass coating technologies, one a ceramic/quartz SiO2 (OP888) that is a very hard thin SiO2 glass coat that cures within 2 hours. The second coat is a softer OPTIX OP1 another type of SiO2 glass coating that bonds to the base coat of the OP888. The combination really sat helps saturate the paint colour and produces a very wet glossy shine that is intense in sunlight.

I expect the paint protection coating to last up to 5 years with PROPER care but in reality of glass coatings manufacturers and pretty much all advertising will only promote the maximum shelf life without the focus of PROPER care required for it to last.

The interior was treated using Swissvax Lotos for fabric protection, leather protection and all other interior protection needs

The wheels were coated in OPTIX OP888 with 3 coats and we expect the coating will last about 1 year before the need to reapply.

The job took 2 days to perform with myself and my carefully hand picked staff. Yes 2 days for a brand new car!!!! we are about slow and steady wins the race not and not a fast food outlet type of service when it comes to our protection services. From experience it is best when applying the my Hybrid OPTIX paint protection the OP888 needs to harden for about 2 to 4 hours before before OP1 or OP-D is applied. The reason is OP888 glass coating vents gases as it changes. Although OPTIX OP888 bonds in a very short time, it doesn’t mean that it is at its hardest a bit like the way concrete sets, dries and hardens

For more info about OPTIX for your next new car paint protection go to http://www.optix.net.au

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