Paint Protection – 2015 BMW X5

IMG_20150627_35452 IMG_20150627_35712 IMG_20150627_34521 IMG_20150627_33614 IMG_20150627_31683 IMG_20150627_30703 IMG_20150627_29641 IMG_20150627_28647 IMG_20150627_27748 IMG_20150627_26824 IMG_20150627_25906 IMG_20150627_23841 IMG_20150627_22921 IMG_20150627_21816The AutoFX WA paint protection using Triple8 dual layer Ceramic-Glass.


This BMW X5 is given a protective coating that will last years.


It makes cleaning easier with it’s super hydrophobic water-repelling effect.


The leather is treated with 2 to 3 coats of CG Sprayable Leather that contains vitamin E and Aloe Vera. A safe water based product that leaves a beautiful rich look that dries giving a natural feel and look.


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