Kore R4 Paste Wax with Ceramic


Why Buy This Product?

  • Premium Brazilian Carnauba Paste Wax
  • Nano-ceramic particle technology
  • Handcrafted in Los Angeles, California
  • Custom CNC aluminum case
  • Produced in limited qualities
  • Brilliant high gloss shine
  • Durable protection
  • Great on any colour paintwork

About KORE

Redesign – Reinvent – Revolutionize the art of CAR CARE

It starts with a desire to achieve visual excellence. The highest quality Paste Wax paint has ever seen housed in the most innovative and scientifically advanced storage canister ever. 100% hand crafted perfection.

One solid block of the highest grade Aerospace Treated Aluminum drafted, engineered, completely designed built and crafted in the USA. Even the Aerospace grade pre-treated stainless steal screws that hold it together are hand crafted in the USA.

Chemical Guys KORE Paste Wax canister is the first storage unit of its kind utilized in the car care industry. A solid brick of 7000 Series Aerospace Aluminum, the highest strength series of aluminum alloys for aircraft applications and is pre-tempering coated to resist temperatures between 500° to 650° C. for a period exceeding 24 hours. Each KORE Unit is assembled in an airtight environment and sealed the minute it is poured to assure freshness and avoid contamination. KORE Paste Wax is as fresh when you open it as it was the minute it was poured. The specially designed canister utilizes a unique VAC-SEAL system comprised of a four screw tighten and seal system that creates an ideal vacuum inside the canister when the screws on the top of the canister are tightened. This seal in the first of its kind, designed to preserve and maintain an ideal climate for the paste wax.

Handcrafted Luxury

Kore Paste Wax is the true definition of premium paste wax. Kore is a luxury carnauba paste wax designed to create a brilliant shine with durable protection. Kore is handcrafted using the finest Brazilian carnauba wax and exotic ingredients from around the world. The premium paste wax is crafted to create a superior shine with incredible protection against the elements. Kore combines the world’s purest Brazilian ivory carnauba wax with advanced nano-ceramic particles that protect and enhance any color paintwork. The signature blend of Kore combines the most advanced ingredients with traditional paste wax craftsmanship to create a work of art. Kore creates incredible gloss that enhances the natural beauty of all colors. The highly reflective finish is the choice of professional detailers and show winners around the world. The unique blending techniques are only known by a select number of wax blenders. The exact ingredients of Kore Paste Wax are top secret and only known by a select few. Kore is a top-shelf paste wax that uses the world’s most exotic ingredients and refined carnauba wax to create unmatched clarity and depth. To preserve the essential ingredients of Kore, a unique CNC machined case contains the paste wax masterpiece. The billet aluminum case is designed to perfectly seal the paste wax and maintain the active ingredients. Kore applies effortlessly to paintwork, and creates a brilliant shine and incredible protection. Each pot of Kore is individually handcrafted in Los Angeles, California to ensure the highest quality carnauba wax possible. Kore is crafted using the finest ingredients available and is only produced in limited quantities. Experience the world’s highest quality paste wax with Chemical Guys Kore.

Premium Brazilian Carnauba Wax

Kore is crafted with the highest quality and most refined Brazilian carnauba wax. The ultra-refined carnauba is hand-selected, ensuring only the most superior ingredients are selected. The premium carnauba wax is used to create a brilliant shine and incredible protection. For over 100 years, show winning car builders and professional detailers have chosen natural Brazilian carnauba wax for a warm shine that attracts attention. All natural carnauba wax creates a brilliant high gloss shine while protecting the paintwork from water spots, fading, and oxidation. Brazilian carnauba wax applies to the paintwork effortlessly, and removes with the simple swipe of a microfiber towel. To create Kore, we used traditional paste wax blending techniques passed down over generations. We selected the finest ingredients from around the world to create a true work of art. The formula for Kore is a top secret recipe, known by only a few select individuals. The signature blend uses special fruit extracts and plant oils from the most exotic locations on the planet. The unique blending process creates a wax with intense shine, depth, and warm glow. Kore comes in two versions: silver for light colored paintwork, and black for dark colored paintwork. Premium Kore paste wax is the perfect choice for any custom show car and concours winners.

Nano-Ceramic Technology

Natural Brazilian carnauba paste wax creates a show winning shine. In order to take natural carnauba to the next level, Chemical Guys wax makers use advanced nano-ceramic particles to enhance the protection characteristics. Nano-ceramic particles create a shield on the paintwork for durable protection against water spots, contamination, and UV solar rays. The advanced nano-ceramic particles bond to the surface for improved protection and durability. Nano-ceramic technology is used in the most advanced protective coatings for the automotive and aerospace industries. The ceramic elements block out UV solar rays to preserve the natural beauty and color of any paintwork. Kore is the world’s first luxury paste wax to combine the beauty of natural carnauba wax with the protective capabilities of nano-ceramic particles. Combining ceramic technology with Brazilian wax gives the brilliant shine enthusiasts desire with the superior protection that today’s automobiles require. Nano-ceramic particles inside Kore Paste Wax protect vehicles through extreme summer heat, and brutal winter cold. The protective barrier shields with durable protection, and enhances with the signature warm glow of natural carnauba.

Custom CNC Aluminum Case

The custom aluminum case that contains Kore is a true work of art. Each Kore container is CNC machined from a solid block of billet aluminum. The distinct case is crafted to preserve the quality of Kore paste wax. The custom case is seals airtight with four hex screws. The top of the case has an integrated o-ring machined into the surface. The integrated o-ring creates a perfect seal that prevents air and moisture from entering the wax container. The CNC aluminum case is designed with rubber cushions built in to ensure security wherever it may sit. The custom Kore case is anodized to ensure a perfect environment for storing wax. Kore Paste Wax is sure to be the pièce de résistance to any paste wax collection.

Choose One

KORE is nature perfected: In order to make the best product, you often have to analyze the core ingredients used to achieve the desired results.

In order to make the best product, you often have to analyze the core ingredients used to achieve the desired results. KORE has been nature perfected.

Developed from the most refined natural tropical oil extracts utilizing the hardest and most durable protective agents nature can produce, KORE has been combined with natural enzymes to deliver a 100% natural paste wax unlike anything ever seen or smelled before.KORE is uniquely formulated for the finest paint finishes in two separate blends:

KORE LIGHT – Silver Naturally Coated Aluminum Canister– for light colored paints and metallics
KORE DARK – Black Heat Darkened Aluminum Canister- for dark paint finishes and metallics.


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