How to wash your car – 2 Bucket Method

How to wash your car part 1, The 2 Bucket Method


Do this to

  1.  Stop or reduce installing swirls and scratches from washing
  2.  Reduce costs of further paint correction & detailing costs and or time lost
  3. Keep the shine & lustre for longer
  4. Ensure your favourite wax, sealant or coating lasts longer


So many of us still do not know,

  1. As we wash our cars we are adding more scratches
  2. We are possibly wearing the coating down excessively due to the poor techniques
  3. what swirls are nor how their car’s paint got so bad in the first place

Even before you put that wash mitt or that horrible sponge on the paint, have you set yourself up with the 2 bucket wash and rinse method with grit guards and wash boards?



What you need,


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