How much for a paint correction ?

Paint correction for a 2004 Ford Falcon sedan

Q. How much does is cost to get my 2004 Falcon looking it’s best? 

A. Well that very hard to answer if you can not come in for us to inspect the paint with our own eyes. Its like asking how much to build one house? whats the ground like? what’s the type of house you want? what material is the house being built with? Unless the builder knows exactly what he/she is working with it is hard to give a price just like it is very hard for us to give you a price when we haven’t seen it. Usually a car with fairly badly swirled up paint on a black car with a medium paint takes around 2 days ($800) or using SWISSVAX is $1100. A large  black vehicle with medium paint that is very very bad also wanting the best result will take 3 days that is $1200 or using SWISSVAX is $1500.

Q. What about if I’m not looking for the best finish in terms of perfection on swirls and scratches but rather great value job on a budget?

A. Then you are now looking at $550 for a 1 day package or $650 using SWISSVAX.

Q. What do you mean a SWISSVAX paint correction. This is where we only use SWISSVAX Polishes and finish with SWISSVAX Waxes which is the best in the world and the most expensive in the world. We also use a more expensive wax within the SWISSVAX range too.

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