Honda CRV – OPTiX OP888 SiO2

Honda CRV new car protection


OPTiX OP888 SiO2 coating.

Instead of waxing your car every month or 2 like you are supposed to in order to keep it looking as good as new, you could just have it coated.

What are the benefits?

+Makes cleaning and drying easier
+Adds an extraordinary shine whilst protecting the existing finish
+never needs waxing
+frees up valuable waxing time so you can spend it doing better things.

Are the coatings 100% worry free? No the truth is no matter what brand of coating it is, coatings will only last as well as the environment you subject the coating to.

Can the coating last years? Yes the coating could potentially last up to 5 years.

Others are selling a 7yr to 10 yr coating and OPTiX is only up to 5yrs, why should I buy OPTiX? Things can sound great on paper but the reality is, you will be back around 3 years for a paint correction and then recoat which will cost you nearly double the first time. BUT if you are use the vehicle very little, park it undercover all the time, and as a minimum use a 2 bucket wash and foaming wash system with multiple microfibre towels then you are most likely going to

1. get the full term of your coating

2. get more than rated shelf life

3. not need much paint correction = minimal reapplication costs

My mate says waxing is better than doing a coating? Look the truth is, it is not about it being one is better than the other, it is about chosing the best option to suit you, from your budget to your want vs your needs and what you can do yourself, there are so many scenarios and so many factors many don’t even think about that will change the outcomes.

Paint protection is a must and all you have to do is choose waxing or coating unless you can afford film.

Then once you worked which way to go then next decide whether you are going to go DIY or professional service? Then each of these choices will come with a new set of questions.

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