Flaring out front guards STi

So you have a bit of poke due to the aggressive offset and wanted tour guards rolled.

Rolling the guards does not mean to pump or flare the guard outwards. Rolling is to roll up the lip of the guard upwards.

In some cases we can pump or flare out guard edge of the guard causing the outside edge to change its angle from a vertical 90 degree to around 45 to 65 degrees. The change of angle resulting in extra clearance at the top centre of the guard and progressively tapers off to the standard angle going away from the top centre.

In 50% of the cases when rolling front guards the inner liner will not fit back into the mounting area and therefore needs to be trimmed off.

We roll guards almost every day and have done for the past 15 years.

We have been taught by the master Stuart Randall founder of the Dent Craft franchise over 20 years ago here in Perth WA when PDR only just started which Dent Craft was the most authoritative in PDR at the time.

For more info go to https://www.autofxwa.com.au

For more avout Dent Craft go to http://www.dentcraft.com.au

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