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The Detail Logix polisher was put through a fair bit of R&D like everything well sell, use or promote. We aren’t all about brand name pushing. We have a passion for what we do and because we are simply put “detailing geeks” we love to try, myth bust, research and to document many things about our industry.

We tried a couple of alternative cheaper brands. During R&D we realised we wasted our money. After losing hope of finding a cheaper alternative that would satisfy both the hobbyist and the commercial user we came across the manufacturer of the Detail Logic units.

From the first squeeze of the Detail Logix trigger we knew we had something that could be good. The Detail Logix machine was then put through a lot of real world work over a 12 month period. During the 12 months we allowed staff and other detailers use it too. The test unit was dropped from waist height a couple times by accident as most of us full time detailers know dropping a machine will happen.

A few machines were also used by students in classes whom were impressed when compared to Rupes and TORQ. We even sold a few to students because they loved them that much.  After the 12 months we then put the order to have these units made and a few months later the machines finally came. We use these machines full time now because they are actually better than the rest, they are lighter (important), powerful, built tough, lower pitch sound (some are high pitch and may need ear plugs) and best of all great value.



To buy your own detail Logix Random orbital dual action polisher go to http://www.chemicalguyswa.com.au

or https://www.chemicalguyswa.com.au/products/detail-logix-random-orbital-polisher

Sold by our other section of the business AUTOFX Car Care Products formally known as Chemical Guys WA



  1. Equipped with CNC machined steel counterweight. The Detail Logix machine quality is guaranteed 12 months (polisher value $250)
  2. Fast, powerful 900 Watt motor, effectively removes paint defects quickly and efficiently
  3. Soft rubber coated grip and ergonomic design, more comfortable.
  4. Big orbit, high effective for polishing.
  5. The side cover makes users easier to change carbon brush.
  6. Comes with easy click 6 setting speed control.
  7. Supplied with a four backing plates, a D-Handle, a spare set of carbon brushes, a L-wrench and manual.
  8. Tool bag (bag value $35)
  9. 1 x additional spare 5″ plate (value $15)
  10. 1 x 6inch plate (value $20)
  11. 1 x 3 inch plate with 17mm flat spanner (value $15)

Total value of this unit is $335.00

HX-21 coming

Also found at www.chemguys.com.au whom is the head office for Chemical Guys Australia. If you are shopping from NSW or VIC then shipping might be cheaper going to Chem Guys Australia.



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