Cloudy Headlights – WRX Hawkeye

Cloudy and oxidised headlights in Western Australia are considered a road hazard and therefore a defect to the vehicle.

In many cases the vehicle licencing department will fail your vehicle for cloudy headlights especially for the purposes of ride-share.

Restoration of the headlights does not involve any kind of dismantling of the headlight. The severe oxidation is sanded back before polishing. My recommendation for a polish is Chemical Guys V32 or V34. Once polished the headlights can be preserved for a longer life before the next trip back for restoration by a sprayavle clearcoat or a type of hand applied thick clear film.

The best solution for long term clarity is PPF. PPF stands of paint protection film or clear film.

Cheap film vs quality films.

In short there is no comparison for standard clear films vs self healing stone chip resistant quality brand names at present time.

Using SunTek films means no fuss removal of old films. No yellowing, no cracking and unlike the factory finish or sprayable clear coats SunTek PPF is extremy stone chip resisant and self heals from minor washing scratches.

Applying a film on headlights can be easy if you have a rare relative flat lens but as soon as there are multiple curves and angles it becomes very difficult.

Contact a reputable PPF installer for your headlight installation of clear film to save yourself headaches.

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