Caliper painting 

Caliper painting starting from $125 to $150 a pair. $250 to $300 for front and back.  Takes about 5 hours.  Heat proof colour and clear coat included.  Advanced booking required  www.autofx...

Clay Bar 

My favourite decontamination tool is still the clay bar. The light clay be Chemical Guys WA - Canning Vale for under $18 is an awesome clay that is very efficient in removing contaminants that is safe on all paint finishes.  My advice is to use ...

Bird shit stains

Bird shit stains.  ...

Stone chip touch up tips – Ferrari 458 SP

​Stone chip touch up tips. Multiple layers of thin touch up paint is one step in the successful process of stone chip touch ups. Thinning out your paint helps to self level and reduce overfilling the chip. If you hate stone c...


Quartz coatings? OP888 is a hard SiO2 glass coating. SiO...

shhhhh don’t tell anyone about the Chem Guys 10% discount code for Feb

Chemical Guys car care products Discount Promotion for February 2017 for online orders ONLY. spread the word with the discount code feb2017 from our online shop ...

$800K Ferrari Speciale – OPTIX FINAL BOOST 

​The $800k Ferrari Speciale requires the best car care so Des from AutoFX WA maintains the exterior with a 2% hydrophobic SiO2 which is the safest strength.  Ask your detailer to use OPTIX Final Boost to one add more protection and because Fin...

Best Leather Cleaner 

​The best leather cleaner I have ever used. Dirty leather isn't pretty, and not all leather cleaners are the same. Most detailers use an All Purpose Cleaner(APC) as their preferred choice for most interior cleaning especially in...

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