Car Paint Hacks: 10 Easy Ways to Keep Your Car’s Paint As Good As New Paint Protection

Car Paint Hacks: 10 Easy Ways to Keep Your Car's Paint As Good As New The feeling of your car being admired by other motorists is out of this world. In fact, there’s no better sight than that of a shiny or clea...

2018 Detailing Courses JUNE

2018 Detailing Course Presented by ...

Dirty car? Mercedes-Benz 180 for a quick wash

Dirty car? Mercedes-Benz A180 for a quick wash Are you looking for a regular fortnightly or monthly detail service? AutoFX WA has been offering a mobile service to its regular clients for over 16 years in Perth. We focus a relationshi...

Car Care Products stock is in

Our other business Chemical Guys Western Australia, a USA brand has had its stock arrive and is now stocked up check out our online store Chemical Guys WA is clas...

Been thinking about starting a Detailing business?

Have you been thinking about starting a car detailing business? You probably need some training and help finding the right chemicals. A great free tutorial on how to wash, wax, polish and detail cars can be found at the Chemical Guys YouTube chann...

2018 OPTIX NANO prices

2018 prices includes supply and application OP888 V2 - Japanese Ceramic $660 (3yrs +/-) 2 x OP888 layers ➕ 1 x Nano coat is applied. OP1 Hybrid V2 - Japanese Ceramic $880 (5yrs +/-) 1 x OP888 priming layer ➕ 1 x OP1 3-Dimensional layer ➕ 1 x ...

Guard Rolling – Maserati

Guard Rolling - Maserati   Here's a Maserati we rolld the guards on for both rears and the driver's side front. Some minor paint damage was visible due to a previous attempt by the owner although touching up damage is not part of gu...

Brake caliper painting

Brake caliper painting. From the stocker cast finish to the sporty red. We finish with a ceramic clear made for high temperatures. [gallery type="rectangular" ids="2634,2636,2635"]...

Wheel Coating

Just finished coating the brand new wheels on Nich's Mustang. Matte/satin wheels need coating even more beause brake dust and riad grime will stick so much more to matte surfaces. The build up will slowly become extremely hard to clean and most li...

CLS – maintenance

Cars at AutoFX WA come up so good from a wash is because of the products and techniques they use. Shop at or come into our Canning Vale store, managed by AutoFX WA....

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