OPTiX Final Boost?

Final Boost is a SiO2 hydrophobic spray The active ingredients clings to any solid surface that it comes in contact with at a molecular level and will repel water and or most things that contain some form of water. It changes they we car...

Guard Rolling and Pumping

Guard Rolling and flaring in Perth. Flaring or pumping are the same thing. Guard rolling is rolling the inner lip of the fender so the sharp lip that the tyre is rubbing on. In some cases the tyre is being sliced ...

How to wash your car – 2 Bucket Method

How to wash your car part 1, The 2 Bucket Method   Do this to  Stop or reduce installing swirls and scratches from washing  Reduce costs of further paint correction & detailing costs and or t...

PRADO – OPTiX New Car Protection & Tint

Vajira's new Prado for new car protection & tint package.   Interior treated with GTechniq products but cleaned with Chem Guys first to make sure the leather protection bonds properly.   OPTiX OP1 fo...

Jaguar XE – OPTiX & PPF

Gary's new Jaguar for OPTiX protection package   OPTiX Dimensional coating applied to Gary's new XE for a better than new car shine and protection. PPF was installed to the B & C pillars for self healing properties. ...

Holden CV8 – OPTiX OP888 & Correction

Holden CV8 - OPTiX OP888 & Correction Chris's CV8 with all the swirls, scratches and chips had a correction performed before the OPTiX ceramic coating was applied.   ...

VY SS – OPTiX Paint Protection System

Stacey's VY SS ute Custom pearl white paint from a Lexus colour, now paint corrected and protected in OPTiX OP888 and Suntek self healing film installed to the front bumper, bonnet and roof. ...

Subaru Outback -OPTiX Ceramic Coating

OPTiX Ceramic Coating If you are buying a new Subaru Outback please consider OPTiX for your Paint Protection Thanks to Allan for the business and trusting us with your Subaru for new car paint protection and Suntek tint. ...

Removing Paint protection Film

How to remove old PPF. Using steam or hot water or heat gun or any other kind of heating resource that would be safe enough to heat the film. Slowly pull up an edge and start using a little of your body weight to pull off a small s...

Making custom Vector patterns PPF

How make make custom Vector files for cnc plotter, Take a photo of the pattern required either of the direct object or with a hand drawn 2D pattern Import it into a vector generating program Create the vector you need and e...

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