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What is this small shop that makes adults feel like a kid in a candy store about? Why is the AutoFX Car Care Products shop also known as Chemical Guys WA?

Chemical Guys WA is classed as the Factory outlet on behalf Chemical Guys Australia since 2014. Chemical Guys WA started as nothing more than a dream with only a few dollars saved over the years. A dream of running a hobby business a long side of the main business of detailing cars, bikes and marine. The hobby became something that Des from AutoFX WA poured money into from what ever he could save by living with the moto of “live by what is needed and not is wanted” “to do without is a small step forward for the future”. AutoFX WA basically put it’s own reputation on the line, it’s labour was donated over the years by AutoFX WA and many of the costs subsidised by AutoFX WA.

Call Ben the Car care Products shop manager on 0450 927 559

A few years later the hobby was out grown by demand. During 2019, AUTOFX WA & Chemical Guys WA merged the operation and is now AutoFX WA – Car Care Products Division. AutoFX Car Care Products supplies the state of Western Australia of Chem Guys car care products as well as OPTiX a locally owned brand plus SWISSVAX, & Rupes products too.

The reason for the change of name was to move forward as a multi-brand outlet in order to cater for a broader market in which AUTOFX WA was founded on back in 2001. Our Car Care Products store has always been operating within the same building as our main business. The detailing supplies shop is open to the public on set days. please head over to for all our shop info as well as the online shop.

Call Ben the Car care Products shop manager on 0450 927 559


Tuesday 9.30 til 2pm
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How to wash your car part 1, The 2 Bucket Method

Do this to

  1. Stop or reduce installing swirls and scratches from washing
  2. Reduce costs of further paint correction & detailing costs and or time lost
  3. Keep the shine & lustre for longer
  4. Ensure your favourite wax, sealant or coating lasts longer

So many of us still do not know,

  1. As we wash our cars we are adding more scratches
  2. We are possibly wearing the coating down excessively due to the poor techniques
  3. what swirls are nor how their car’s paint got so bad in the first place

Even before you put that wash mitt or that horrible sponge on the paint, have you set yourself up with the 2 bucket wash and rinse method with grit guards and wash boards?

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