A growing team

What’s new about AutoFX WA.

Like every footy team, a detailing team needs junior players and senior players.

I Des owner of AUTOFX WA is proud to announce we are building a great team.


Yes above is not the real pic of Des, it’s just for a giggle.

We have had many apply for a spot here. I have to say thanks to Kim A. for applying so many times. 10 points for someone that is as keen as mustard by dropping in his resume 4 times a year.

Like every footy team, the juniors/youngsters need training and exposure. The team here would like to thank all our customers and supporters for giving the business which enables others to grow themselves into experienced detailers.

Like every footy team, teams win or lose, that’s life that’s human.

Part of my team culture is providing the tools and skills to grow better people.


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