High Gloss Paint Correction

Paint Correction – swirl and buff mark removal

Paint Correction is the removal of swirls/scratches and buff marks like surgery. It requires plenty patience too. As a specialist in polishing & paint correction, we can give your car the ultimate shine with our paint correction process. Our multi-stage polishing system targets deep swirls, scratches, roughness, buffing trails, oxidation, and results in a deep, wet, high-gloss finish. Usually better than the factory finish.

How do I know if I need this?

Simply position the bonnet of your car in direct sunlight (best is mid day). Stare directly into the reflection of the sun in the bonnet and if you see scratches and marks that usually appear circular to the eye then you need it done. Some describe this as “spider webbing” or marring.

We use a 2 – 4 stage paint correction system that combines high-gloss machine polishing and application of top-quality paint protection products. This process effectively removes swirls and buff marks, and results in a wet shine and long-lasting durability.

Do I need a full paint correction or can I have a some form of machine polishing done to increase the shine?

Answer; No you only need to have a full correction done if you want the best outcome. We can customise a paint correction job to suit your budget. A quick polish to increase shine, reduce scratches with more gloss can booked without having to book a full correction.




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Example of our process

Step # Procedure Duration Image
1 Wash the entire car including wheels thoroughly and rinse 45 minutes ferrari458 wash bucket
2 Remove the surface contaminants using the clay bar process & rinse thoroughly if required. 30 minutes Car Detailing - clay bar on a 2012 CLS63
3 Dry the entire car
4 Using masking tape & cloth we have to tape & cover areas that might be damaged by the buffer & compound/polish stains from rubbers & plastics 15 minutes autofxwa.com.au
5 Stage 1 & 2 REMOVAL OF EXISTING SCRATCHES Start on the most aggressive compound that is needed. Remove the bulk of the deepest scratches & swirls that will do the job yet minimise paint loss. This is the stage where the paint will be cut for the most depth. Enough  paint is removed to level out the highs & lows of the scratches. We must keep mind that we DO NOT remove too much paint that may result in paint thin out. 2.5 to 4.5 hrs per stage
6 Stage 3 & 4 REMOVE SWIRLS & haze from previous stages. Now using finer polishing compounds. At this stage the stock removal of paint is quite minimal. 2.5 to 3.5 hrs per stage
7 The Final Detail The tape is removed, car is washed down thoroughly including lifting the bonnet clean the edges, the door jams wiped from the polishing mess created. We always wax/seal after polishing. 1 to 2 hours
Every paint correction job differs and the above is only an example based on standard 2k paint.

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Picture below shows buff marks by a rotary polisher if the job is left half done.