Headlight Restoration


  • Before
  • After

We offer the products to DIY or a headlight restoration service from $88 to $200 per pair with the average job at $120 a pair

Did you know that 99% of the time the fading and oxidation of your headlight can be repaired like new without removing any parts. The exterior of the headlight plastic fades and oxidies and in bad cases it yellows and fine cracks appear an effect known as “crazing”

We carefully protect all surrounding areas of the lights by taping up with masking tape. If required we may cover other parts of your car to show our due diligence.

Why do we go to the effort over protecting the areas surrounding the headlights? Because damage is possible during the repair process.

We also include a 2 part clear coat resin coating that is applied to the exterior of the headlights after they are restored. The protective coating will last up to 2 years  or more with proper care.

For more information about headlight restoration feel free to contact us.