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Car Detailing In Perth, WA

Our car detailing services are simply put the best quality in Perth, we are passionate about car detailing, we offer polite customer service, attention to detail, old school workmanship and we show extreme care for you car.

Ferrari car detailing with Chem Guys Kore wax

All prices inclusive of GST and starting from

Interior and exterior combined

Small cars 4WD & SUV’s, wagons
Interior & Exterior Detail $175.00 $195.00
Maintenance detail $140.00 $165.00
Premium level detail inc leather, light polish, sealant or wax $440.00 $495.00
L.S.P. upgrades
Swissvax Crystal Rock $55.00  $65.00
Carbon Flex C9 Extreme Gloss 3 yrs protection $295.00 $350.00
 Additional labour charges  $66 p/hr         $66 p/hr
Interior Only
Basic interior clean $35.00 $45.00
Premium detail $225.00 $265.00
leather / fabric protection
Fabric Protection (Swissvax, 3M, CG Fabric Guard) $200.00 $200.00
 Leather protection ( Sealer or Conditioner) $55-$200 $55-$200
Optional Extras
Paint Correction / swirl & scratch removal $66 p/hr $66 p/hr
Headlight restoration fr $80.00 fr $80.00
OPTIX wheel coating inc remove & clean 4 wheels $250.00 $250.00
Convertible roof sealing / water proofing $125.00
Shampoo carpets and seats $130.00 $165.00

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A Premium Full Detail is a maintenance detail, but with a whole lot more detail. We pay close attention to the little things like stains and scuff marks, and take the time to clean your steering wheel, gear knob, indicator stalk, wiper stalk and other high-traffic areas.

When required, we also shampoo the interior fabric and treat trim marks, spot-cleaning them if needed. The interior is treated and includes leather care, and may include wood waxing, interior chrome treatment and lens-type surface treatment. In addition, the spare wheel compartment is cleaned if required.

In some cases, a two-part leather treatment may be necessary to improve the condition of the leather. We use leather conditioners, which moisturises the leather, protects from uv that leaves it feeling completely dry and looking new. The engine bay area and the door-shuts are also thoroughly cleaned.

When it comes to the paintwork, our aim is to make your car look newer and cleaner with high-quality detailing and professional products. We don’t use greasy products that lead to a cheap-looking, fake finish. Our finish leaves a clean, new feel that exudes quality and doesn’t feel like it’s covered with toxic chemicals.

Before the paintwork can be treated, we remove contaminants using a clay bar that makes your paint finish smooth again. Some machine polishing is sometimes required. Next, we apply a  wax or sealant of your choice. Our standard wax is high-quality and other high-gloss waxes are available on request. Prices and results will vary depending on the wax you choose.

To finish, we clean your windows inside and out, clean and wax the door shuts, wipe around all exterior edges, remove streaks from exterior chrome and high-gloss plastic finishes, clean the badge, treat rubbers and porous plastics if needed, and check if the wheels are in need of waxing.

car detailing review facebook
car detailing review facebook
Network 10 by Des Wong
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Paint depth gauge
Des Wong measuring the thickness of paint
MP4 12C Car Detailing Perth by Des
MP4 12C  Car Detailing Perth WA by Des